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Yanks Articles

You beauties

I CAN'T quite put my finger on the facts, but I read recently (like, yesterday) that the Danes didn't make the list of the world's top 20 most beautiful nations. We Aussies came fourth. The same list said that the US was the most beautiful. Now, forgive me if I' more

Financial sector may get off without taking its medicine

The Great Depression led to tight regulation of the activities of banks, which generally speaking served us well for the following

US looks like ducking for cover on financial reform

New regulations can help avert a crisis, but there's no way without the will.

Say Hello To A Retro- Recession

WELCOME to Australia's first retro-recession, though as usual the Yanks have beaten us by doing it much better, sorry, worse.

Typical Yanks. They've Pinched Our Prejudices

We blithely reject our connections to the culture and people of the US, argues Tom Hyland
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